Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly Hara

Associate Talent Hunter
(aka: Associate Executive Recruiter)

Kimberly Hara joined SmoochUnplugged, LLC in March 2022 as an Associate Talent Hunter (aka Associate Executive Recruiter). Her background in communications and marketing, along with a passion for cultivating interpersonal relationships and learning a company in its totality, act as a solid foundation for her career as an executive search consultant.

Prior to her executive search career, Kimberly served as a digital marketer within the IT sector of the technology industry in Tokyo, Japan. Her innate analytical skills and keen ability to understand candidates’ DNA, serve as key factors in her success in the talent acquisition profession. With her tenacity, drive, and continuous improvement mindset, she is a reliable quintessential resource to all of the Firm’s clients.

Areas of Expertise

•  Investor Relations function.
•  Digital marketing and corporate communications functions.

Kimberly has a BA in Communications from the University of California at Davis.