Talent Value Proposition: Committed, Loyal Partners

Loyalty Beyond the Norm

The difference between Smooch and other executive recruiters lies in the fact that she places an equal emphasis on relationships with candidates as with corporate CEOs and executive teams.

While most headhunters are loyal only to the companies who pay their fees, Smooch develops long-term, invested relationships with talent that go far beyond just a name and a resume. These coveted bonds result in rich, fulfilling careers for high-performing executives who are placed in her client corporations. She considers her relationships with talent to be an essential ingredient to the success of her work with clients.

Extensive Network and Expert Insights

With more than 25 years of experience placing Investor Relations and Chief Communications Officers among the world’s most recognized brands ranging from pre-IPO to mega-cap, and spanning all industry sectors, Smooch has a vast and coveted talent network and following.

She possess the ability to identify the ideal fit for candidates whose established executive brands are defined by the drive to succeed and who have an insightful understanding of:

  • Organizational influence and awareness
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Continuous improvement thinking
  • Preemptively anticipating solutions
  • Self-awareness and humility

If you are an exceptional leader and serious-minded achiever within your field, Smooch is devoted to helping you make the right decisions to shape a career in which you will truly thrive.

“Through her efforts, clients have experienced market cap gains that have exceeded $500 Billion after strategic, senior level IRO and financial officer placements were completed by Smooch.”

— Business Wire

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