It’s Yours To Lose…Career Success In Rarified Space

This September, I will be kicking off a speaking tour starting in the Rocky Mountains and making stops across the country. With this tour I hope to connect with Investor Relations Officers, finance professionals and business executives around the country to broaden our collective knowledge, promote innovation, and create successful agile IR professionals that thrive today and in the future.

The first stop on the tour is the Rocky Mountain NIRI event on September 15th, where I will be speaking on the topic of Management Expectations of the Multi-Disciplinary IRO – Going Beyond Simply an Increase in Valuation. In this keynote, I will help attendees better “read the tea leaves” about the intentions of management, while also revealing how IROs can navigate the partnership with their CFOs and CEOs to maximize the value of this critical executive triumvirate. Additionally, I will be talking about the new role of the IRO as an internal “psychological business partner” with management, and illuminating a different set of metrics by which to gauge their value inside an organization. If you have questions about management expectations or how you should be navigating the rules of a corporate entity, this keynote is for you. To register for this event, click here

At the end of September, I will have my second speaking tour stop at the provocative two-day NIRI Southwest Regional Conference. In this keynote address, Building Your IR Career, I ask the fundamental question; do you want a career in IR that grows in responsibility, leadership opportunities, and compensation? For those you say yes, this keynote can’t be missed. During this 60-minute presentation I will illuminate the key attributes that represent the top 10% of all IROs globally – knowledge that is a culmination of adding more than $500B in valuation to my client organizations by selecting the right talent for them to recruit. To learn more, and register for this event click here

As I add more speaking dates to the tour, I will make sure to post about them as well, and please stay tuned to my website and blog for more info as well. I hope to see you at an event soon!