Working With Millennials Podcast Series | Episode 10

Episode 10: Hold Them Close and Help Them Grow

“Hold them close and help them grow.” That’s the takeaway message I hope comes through loud and clear in this tenth and final episode of our wildly-popular podcast series, “Working with Millennials.” Today I conclude the series by sharing with Andrew Shapiro, Podcast Editor for Hunt Scanlon Media, my key learnings about the best ways senior managers can retain and motivate the brightest stars of the Millennial generation. Indeed, Millennials will account for 20 percent of the workforce by 2020. In response, the most successful companies are reimagining the workplace of tomorrow, if not today. This includes rethinking relationships with Millennials: from flexible hours and office spaces, to revamped compensation packages that address lifestyle needs along with providing financial incentives. So, when I say “hold them close,” I mean make your Millennial employees feel wanted and understood. And “help them grow” means companies need to make a concerted effort to provide top employees with challenging assignments that will help them broaden their skill sets. I hope you enjoy this last episode – it has been great fun working with Scanlon Media and I’ve learned a tremendous amount in the course of doing my research. See you out on the recruiting trail!

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