Working With Millennials Podcast Series | Episode 5

Episode 5: Why Companies Remain Indifferent to Millennials in the Workplace

The old way “ain’t” the new way. That’s what companies – especially older, more established organizations – are learning about hiring, developing and retaining top-quality Millennials. The question is, are companies learning this lesson quickly enough? Indifference is a company killer, and that is certainly the case when it comes to Millennial talent. Companies that haven’t done so yet need to move quickly to ensure they’re emphasizing the right things during the recruitment process (compensation and benefits are priorities for Millennials) and engaging with younger employees in a meaningful way, including active mentorship and creating “learning paths.” In the fifth podcast in the “Working with Millennials” series, I spoke with John Harris, Managing Editor at Scanlon Media, about why companies remain dangerously indifferent to Millennials in the workplace and what they need to do to change.

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