Working With Millennials Podcast Series | Episode 6

Episode 6: Creating a Millennial ‘Feedback Loop’ in the Workplace

Welcome to the sixth episode of our 10-part series on “Working with Millennials.” Today I talk with Adam Shapiro, Podcast Editor for Hunt Scanlon Media, about the need for companies to institute a “Millennial Feedback Loop” within their organizations. For Millennials, immediate feedback is vital. This generation has grown up accustomed to receiving continual guidance, and they expect a similar experience once they get to the workplace. Companies may grumble about neediness, but the reality is that in order to attract and, more importantly, retain top Millennial talent, companies need to adapt. Workers in their twenties are far more likely than Boomers or Gen Xers to change jobs if they’re dissatisfied. Millennials thrive with consistent, accurate and immediate feedback. Senior management needs to pay attention to their talent and praise good performance, get out of the antiquated performance review process, and engage with Millennials by serving both as role models and as partners.

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