Working With Millennials Podcast Series | Episode 8

Episode 8: Creating Succession Plans for Millennials

What does workplace success look like for the Millennial generation? It’s different than it was for Baby Boomers and even Gen Xers, and it’s critical that companies looking to stay competitive in the 21st century understand how to connect with and reward Millennial-aged employees. In this eighth installment in the 10-part podcast series, “Working with Millennials,” I talk with Andrew Shapiro, Podcast Editor for Hunt Scanlon Media, about what employers can do to ensure long-term success for their younger workers. Continual engagement is so important. Companies need to actively recognize potential, particularly in employees who are good communicators and possess high emotional IQs. They should demonstrate trust by involving promising Millennials in new learning opportunities and interesting projects. Work/like balance needs to be actively encouraged, as Millennials have grown up in an “always-on” world, and career-path progress needs to be recognized. Learn more in episode #8, “Creating Succession Plans for Millennials.”

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